How to create a successful blog

Create your own unique blog content Make your own content valuable to the reader and unique. Don’t focus on just posting and sharing other content, that’s ok to do, but to get real results is when you add value to the reader and you’re the creator of that value. Simplified, you are better off posting one blog a month on your website with your own high-quality unique content than regularly sharing and copying low value content. If you are sharing content from other sources, for [...]

SEO Basics for WordPress

SEO Basics for Writing Articles SEO Basics for writing articles is a great skill to hone if you want to do this yourself. I remember when I built my first website around 15 years ago (possibly longer because Google wasn't even around), I was excited to have the prospect of a business online 24/7 where everyone could find me. I publish my website using frontage, and I was in business, and the number of visitors [...]