SEO  (Search Engine Optimisation) is a content strategy designed to maximise traffic to your website using specific writing techniques and formatting to favour search engines.

It is important to understand how Search Engine Optimisation improves online leads and sales and to also understand how search engines work and how people behave when searching the internet to find your product or service.

How do new customers find you on the internet and the products and services your offer? People who find your website may do so because of a recommendation, but the most common way people find your website is searching the internet using a search engine such as Google Search.

They will type a few words or small sentence such as “best widgets” which is what we call keyword/s or “find the best widgets in New Zealand” of they follow links from other websites. When the search results appear most people don’t usually look further than the first few pages or even on the first page.

If your website ends up on page 3 or 4 your search engine optimisation is poor! But that can be changed. Our SEO service will help you get on to page one or two so your website shows in search results more often when people are looking for you.

Get your FREE SEO Website Audit now.  We will index your whole site and send you a free report on any issues we discover as well and suggested improvements you can make to help make your website better.


If you want to create more sales leads or online sales then you definitely need to hire an SEO professional and the sooner you start the better.

Competition online to rank higher in search engines can and will make a big difference to your business. It is not wise to procrastinate and delay while your competitors are getting the sales and sales leads from people already searching for your product or service.

There are thousands of people every day looking for you, you just need to let them know you’re here!

Every business can benefit from Search Engine Optimisation and right now is an opportune time to improve your SEO and more so, when you are designing a new website or making major changes to your current website.  Good search engine optimisation will help improve traffic to an existing website and contribute to an increase in sales.


Think of SEO is an ongoing marketing strategy.  SEO requires optimising content on a current web page and even creating new content to improve each web page.  A website is simply a series of individual web pages, and each page needs to be optimised for a particular keyword or phrase.

Creating new content for your web page and getting backlinks from other websites to your page takes time.  The time it takes to be able to see measurable results will depend on your market and how competitive the keywords are that you are targeting.

For example, a life insurance website will find it much harder to get to the top of Google search results than if you had a website selling something less competitive such as renting a television. The more people search “life insurance online” than “televisions for rent” so, therefore “Life Insurance Online” is more competitive and will be harder and take longer to get to the top of page one

Investing in good SEO is a good long-term investment and needs to be part of your ongoing marketing budget. You earn top positions in Google and there are no shortcuts. With a solid SEO strategy and a good implementation and monitoring, you should see considerable improvements in your search engine ratings within 6 months.

SEO is something you should commit as an on-going strategy and allocate a monthly budget.  Whether you allocate some of your print, radio and television budgets to SEO or you create a new budget, it will be important to the long-term success of your website and the sooner you start, the better off you will be.  Contact us today to talk about how we can improve the visibility of your website and improve your search rankings.