Printed Letters Still Work

I am a huge fan of email marketing and digital marketing as a whole.  Never the less, printed letters work! Letters are just like email, and you need to know who to send them to, and when.

When to send letters and not email

Most of you know that when we do an email marketing campaign for our clients, we know our stats, who opens the email, who clicks links in the email, what pages they looked at on your website and we get a lot of usable data we can use for better targeting in future campaigns.  The mistake that some marketers make is they disregard the leads and clients who have not opened the email.  Remember, these are legitimate contacts, and you should be sending letters to them.

Just because they are not getting your email, does not mean you shouldn’t communicate with them. For us, email is a preference, but it is not the only way to market to leads and clients.  These are the ones you should take a closer look at to target your print marketing.

What to do with the ones who don’t get your email

Firstly, if you have the resources, call the client and ask them did they receive the email you sent.  I would not recommend you tell them you know they didn’t open it, that may seem a little spooky.  Your call would be to ask did they get it, and if they did not then you should do the following.

  1. Ask them to confirm their email address because they may have changed it and update it in your records for the next campaign.
  2. Ask them to check their junk mail just in case their email software blocks the email, if it is, ask them to add it to your allowed sender’s list or mark as not junk.
  3. While you are on the phone, you may as well confirm their postal address.

It is also important to understand that if you are using Outlook or Email for Mac or some other non-compliant email marketing platform, then your bulk email may be ending up in junk email more than you think, making your efforts a waste of time and you will not know.

Using a credible email marketing platform increases the reliability of having your email delivered and will help avoid being blocked by junk mail filters.

Who should receive printed letters?

If you don’t have the time and resource to call each client who did not open the email, you can send a letter instead.  Deciding whether you send letters to all clients who have not opened the email, or segments of them is up to you (and possibly your CRM).

If you have a good CRM, you will be able to build targeted lists to clients who have not been opening your email and send letters to them instead.  For example, we can send letters to clients who do not have an email, who live in an area, who earn $150,000 or more who are self-employed etc.

Your CRM should be able to do this, and these are the ones you can send printed letters.  If your CRM can’t do this, then please contact us and talk about our CRM solution for advisers.

If you have any questions or need any tech advice, please contact us.