Create your own unique blog content

Make your own content valuable to the reader and unique. Don’t focus on just posting and sharing other content, that’s ok to do, but to get real results is when you add value to the reader and you’re the creator of that value.

Simplified, you are better off posting one blog a month on your website with your own high-quality unique content than regularly sharing and copying low value content.

If you are sharing content from other sources, for example, Facebook. Take a look at how many people re-share what you shared…zero? I’d like to hear what your number is.

You will get more shares, more back links from other sites, and better SEO results that will help improve the rankings in Google. It’s a win/win all around if you write your on content.

Do you have your own blog?

Respond to feedback

Allow comments and feedback on your website and other social networks and take time to respond to them. People make time to comment, you should make time to respond.

When people feel you are listening to them, and acknowledge them, you start to build trust and become more personally engaged with the reader of your content and they are more likely to subscribe and be open to hear what you have to say next time.

Remember, your Blog is another form of communication. If your phone is ringing, you answer it, right? Responding to comments and feedback is the same, whether it’s positive or negative, make sure you respond, even with a simple “thank you”.

End your blog with a question, try and get people to respond. Ask questions such as, how often do you review xyz?

Do you have a will yes or no? etc.

Make your blog conversational

Make sure your blog it not just a one-way tutorial. Ask questions throughout your blog and start getting the reader to think about what they are doing. This becomes more of a two-way conversation even though you are not there.

Use phrases like you would if you were talking to someone. Wouldn’t you love it if you could create more leads from your website, and the content I gave you would do that?

Questions with You and I will help make it more conversational.

As a matter of interest, the more natural the language and the way you write the better your site will be. Voice recognition and natural language become more important for search engines, it will benefit your website.

Think about the last time you did a Google search, did you type a question?

Short paragraphs and wide spaces

Using short paragraphs and wide spaces makes it easier for the reader to skim through to find what they are looking for.

Have you ever come across an article that you know has the information you want, but it’s just way too long and hard to read? Break it down, use headers, paragraphs, bold keywords etc. so you draw the attention to the reader on the key points of your blog.

Call to action

How many visitors are you getting to your blog? Are you getting visitors but no reposes, no leads?

Make sure you have a Call to Action not just on one page, but have them visible most of the time. Have you ever wondered why a lot of websites have side bars and top menus? They do that because the layout works.

Put Call to Action prompts in your side bars of your website.

Give the reader an opportunity to respond either by making a comment, downloading a file, or taking up a special offer. Make sure you have Lead Magnets to give away.

If you want to know what lead magnets are, just ask.

Collect emails

When I was starting out as an agent with Guardian Assurance (23 Years Ago), if we had no phone numbers to call, we we’re out of business. Today, it’s email addresses (but phone numbers are still better), but you have to have people to reach out to.

Email addresses are easier to get, and people are happy to exchange them when you offer them something of value. Not regurgitated plagiarised copy, but something unique, you (or a copywriter) has written that will help them.

Give away white papers in exchange for an email address. Think of a white paper as a Lead Magnet, it is something that attracts a lead to give you their information.

A white paper could be an eBook or a report to help the person find the answers they are looking for, or to get better educated to make better decisions.

Have you ever been to a website where they offered you something for free and all you had to do was provide an email address?

Test and measure, then test again

The beauty of digital marketing is that there are normally indicators that you can use to measure results directly. If you cannot directly measure the results, simplify what you are doing until you can.

Do you know the direct sales revenue from your last campaign? You should, but don’t make it too complex.

For your blog, your success indicators may be any or even some of the following;

  • How long people stayed on your blog page, the longer usually means they are reading it (that’s a good thing!)
  • How many people downloaded your eBook
  • How many people subscribed to your newsletter
  • Has your web page increased in Google Rankings

Find some way of measuring whether what you are doing is working. Don’t guess, there is usually some way to measure your marketing campaigns.

I’d like to know whether you have your own blog.  Feel free to comment below or ask any questions.