What is Google Remarketing?

Google remarketing has to be one of the smartest ad options Google has made available to advertisers. Think of Google Remarketing as an ad recycler for people who have seen your ad before.

How does Google Remarketing work?

Simply put, when someone clicks on your Google Ad and visits your website, then leaves, your ad will continue to be displayed to them when they visit other sites where Google Ads are also shown.

It’s a way of showing your advert over and over again to the same person, to finally get them to respond and to reinforce your brand continually. In my opinion, it’s very smart, and great use of your ad spend.

Google Remarketing

Where can you show your Google Ads?

You can not only control who sees your ads over and over again but where your ads are displayed. You can place ads on the display network or external networks, but more importantly, you can choose specific websites to show your ads.

For example, if you see a website that displays Google Ads, you can choose that specific website by using Google Ad Placements.

Let’s say you want to target health insurance to an audience who are 50+ and you place a display ad on a community website that already shows Google Ads. Your health insurance ad can be displayed on only that website which focuses your ad spend and targets your audience better.

When a user of that website clicks the advert and lands on your site where you should have a particular landing page created for the ad campaign, they can contact you or respond.

If they choose to leave your website without responding, they will still see your ad on other sites as they browse the internet so if they look at your ad again, they can keep coming back.

We know that it can take several times to close a lead, so reinforcing your ad over and over again, increases your chances of getting a sale from your ad.

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