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Get Better Rankings on Google with the release of our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) service for advisers, we’re going to share helpful tips about SEO and what is Google looking for in a website and what hurts your website.

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Get better rankings on Google, but what is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a content strategy designed to maximise traffic to your website using specific writing techniques and formatting to favour search engines. It is essential to understand how Search Engine Optimisation improves online leads and sales and also to know how search engines work and how people behave when searching the internet to find your product or service.

How do new customers find you on the internet and the products and services your offer? People who find your website may do so because of a recommendation, but the most common way people find your site is searching the internet using a search engine such as Google Search.

They will type a few words or small sentence such as “best widgets” which is what we call keyword/s or “find the best widgets in New Zealand” of they follow links from other websites. When the search results appear, most people don’t usually look further than the first few pages or even on the first page.

If your website ends up on page 3 or 4, your search engine optimisation is poor! But that can be changed. Our SEO service will help you get on to page one or two so your website shows in search results more often when people are looking for you.

Problem: Broken Links

Have you ever been to a website and you get an Error 404?

This means it is a broken link and what this means is that the web page you are looking for did exist but now it does not, or it has moved, and Google has not been told about the change, it’s like moving house and not telling NZ Post to redirect your mail to your new home.

If you want to get better search engine rankings on Google they will penalise you for these errors and the more Error 404’s you have, the more it will affect your rankings so you need to check your website and get them fixed.

Fix: Redirection

These can easily be fixed by setting up a URL Redirect so if you delete a page or move a page on your website, or change the navigation, you need to set up a URL redirect for example.

Let’s say you had a page on your website about Funeral Insurance and you deleted the page; you would need to set up a URL redirect from to A URL redirect is easy to set up, and it will stop you from getting penalised.

A redirect is like telling NZ Post to send mail to our new house.

Get your website checked. If you want to get your website checked for any broken links and 404 Errors, use our free website audit tool at

If you need any help to get better search engine rankings on Google, give me a call anytime.

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