What is SEO and how does it help your website?

I know I have written about SEO Optimisation before, but this time we have a special offer, we are giving you a FREE SEO Audit of your website, we measure over 40 criteria to give you the best possible advice to improve your website so you can attract more of the right people.

Think of SEO as the fine print in policy wording, it makes all the difference at claim time, or in this case, it makes a difference whether people find you or find your competitor.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation, it is the art of optimising each individual page on your website to get that page to show up in more when someone searches for a particular word or phrase.

What is the point of SEO?

A website is there to support your existing clients, and to help build your brand and online marketing, but remember, your website can be a great lead generator if you have good SEO.

“Your website can be a great lead generator if you have good SEO”

Since you already have a website why not make sure you increase the likelihood of generating new leads. If you have a website, and it is not creating leads, chances are, they are finding your competitor who is getting their SEO right.

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Just think of your website as a series of individual pages, and each page is created for a particular subject (or in this case a keyword or phrase).

TargetĀ a Keyword or Phrase for each page.

Here are a few of core principles you must get right for each page on your website.

For example, you have a page on your website called Life Insurance, it would make sense to make sure you optimise that particular page for the keyword or phrase Life Insurance, and to optimise that page you need to do the following.

Your URL to the page should have your Keyword in it, so, in this case, is could be yourwebsiteaddress.co.nz/life-insurance/
Make sure you have more than 300 words minimum!, more than 500 is better, more than 2000 and Google will think you’re a specialist.

  • Make sure your keyword is used in one Heading
  • Make sure your keyword is in your Meta Description
  • Make sure your keyword is used once for every 100 words
  • Make sure you add one image and add your keyword to your alt tag

These are the SEO basics, and we all know it’s about doing the basics well. There are many other things you can do, or get someone like us to do, but if you do the basics better than your competitor, you will get found more times than them.

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