Does this include email?

Yes, email hosting is part of our Adviser Websites, where we build your website and host it as well as your email as well.

What about ongoing updates

We take care of your website to ensure it works properly.  We also update all software with feature and security updates as they become available so we can keep it secure as possible.  We also back up your website every day.  In short, we provide ongoing maintenance included in the price.

Can I customise my Adviser Website

Yes.  You have two options, you can customise it yourself if you have the skills, or you can tell us what changes you want to make and we can provide a quote to make the additional customisations you want.

Are there other design options?

Yes, we can build your own custom website based on what you want, and we will provide a quote for you.  We're not able to provide a fully customised site at this price but can build anything you want.

What do I get for my money?

You get a website with comprehensive insurance and mortgage information, based on our demo site at but your site is fully branded with your own domain name, business details, colours, logo, contact details, your own team photos.

How much is the cost?

Adviser Websites do not cost anything up front but require a 6-month minimum subscription term of $55 + GST per month.

Can either of these be customised?

ADVISER CRM Our Adviser CRM is already fully customised for you, but you can also make your own customisations.  We will continue to develop Adviser CRM and would love to hear what advisers want in future releases. If what you need is not on our roadmap, we can make customisations for your business specifically at an additional cost. ZOHO CRM Zoho CRM comes as a generic CRM and you will most likely need to make [...]

Who provides the support and training?

We provide full ongoing support and training which is part of your subscription.  We provide these using a number of mediums as follows. Video tutorials Online knowledgebase Webinars Remote one on one training Personal one on one or group training (additional costs may apply)

What are the differences between the two CRM’s?

ADVISER CRM This is custom built on the Zoho Development Platform which is not to be confused with the standard Zoho CRM.  Adviser CRM is built for the Life Insurance and Mortgage Adviser.  Adviser CRM is fully customised with Lead Management, Client Management, Policy Management, Renewal Automation, Marketing Automation and everything an adviser needs to run their business. ZOHO CRM This is a generic CRM and still very powerful and can be used for any [...]