Domain name options for hosting with us.

When you order hosting from us, you will be prompted with one of three options as follows.

  1. You can purchase a domain name from us from $35 + GST Per Year, so just add your preferred domain name to your shopping cart...nice and easy! or;
  2. You can transfer your domain to us and you will need your UDAI key or EPP code to do this.  If you do not have or know your UDAI Key or EPP code just contact your domain registrar and ask them to send you a new one.  If you do not know who your domain registrar is, then you can use our domain checker service and type your domain name into this search and it will show you who the domain registrar is for your domain.  Click Here to use our domain checker.  You can then email them and ask them to send you your code as you will need to enter this into your order form to make the transfer, or;
  3. You can point your nameservers from your domain registrar to our nameservers.  Please refer to your Welcome email which was sent to you, when your hosting account was set up.  Your welcome email will have the nameserver you need to use.  If you have lost the email, you can request another one here


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