I am unable to access my FTP account

When you open an account with us, you are sent an email with a username and password.  This username and password is for your cPanel account AND your FTP account.  This is not to be confused with your username and password you wanted to specifiy when you opened your account with us.  

The reason why these usernames and passwords are different is that opening an account with BIG Plans does not require any products or services, you simply open an account.  Your username is normally the email address you use and you are asked for a password of your choice when opening an account with us.

However, when you order (for example) a hosting plan, we have instant setup and a username and password are generated for you and emailed to you.  This is the username and password you need to use when accessing your FTP account or cPanel account.

If you log into cPanel and change your password for your FTP account, this will also change your password for your cPanel account as well, but NOT your username and password for your BIG Plans client area.

FTP client software we recommend is FileZilla or Core FTP

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