Adding an authorised person to your account.

There are times when you need to provide other people access to your account so they can submit support tickets, add services, billing enquiries etc.  For security reasons and to keep an accurate audit trail on your account and allow to correspond with additional "authorised" people, you will need to take the following steps.

  1. Log into your client account here
  2. Click Update your details
  3. Click Contacts/Sub Accounts
  4. Then enter in the details of the new authorised person.  Make sure you choose email preferences whether they receive and open Support Emails, Invoice Emails etc.
  5. OPTIONAL STEP: If you want to give this additional person access to your account, please make sure you enable "Tick to configure as a sub account with client area access, and choose the correct permissions.
  6. Then click Save Changes.
A gentle reminder is that you need to make sure that if and when this person leaves your organisation, you will need to remove them from your account.
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