How do I perform a traceroute

The following test can be helpful in diagnosing problems such as very slow internet traffic or none at all.

1. Go to dos prompt by clicking START > RUN, type in cmd and hit ENTER.
2. Type in "tracert" and hit ENTER. Change to your actual domain name.
3. When it has finished, and even if it looks as though it is going to hang, allow it to finish, right click in window and select MARK. Then select all of the text on the dos screen and hit ENTER.

Mac OS X:
1. Go to Applications -> Utilities folder.
2. Open Network Utility
3. Click Traceroute tab and enter your domain.

1. Open terminal emulator of your choice.
2. Enter "traceroute" and hit ENTER. Change to your actual domain name.
3. Wait until it finishes completely and returns to a prompt.

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