Server error unable to access website

What can I do if I am having difficultly accessing my websites hosted on your servers, or with downloading?

This article will help us see if there are networking issues on our side that may be causing your issues, please ensure no downloading or peer to peer programs are running during this test. There should be no internet activity going on apart from these tests on the machine.

  1. Which website are you having problems with?
  2. Is it the entire site or only portions, (e.g. Images don't load/forums don't work/other?)
  3. Has the site worked previously?
  4. What times of the day are these problems occurring? (e.g. All day, between 6pm and 11pm, 3am, etc.)

Please provide a traceroute to the following servers:

Our primary Domain Name Server:

If you have already created a support ticket for this type of issue, then please copy and paste the results from the trace routes, and our technical team will provide further assistance. If you have not already created a support ticket for this type of issue, then please create one and copy and paste the results into a support ticket requests.
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