Guidelines to writing a blog or artiles on your website

There are a few guidelines to keep in mind when writing an article or blog for your website which are as follows:


  • Your article should contain about 500 words, with a 300 word minimum.
  • You should use your keywords which your website has already been optimised for.
  • Your keywords need to be up to 5% of your words, so for every 100 words you should have 1 of your keywords and spread them evenly throughout your article.
  • Make sure your keywords in your article are in included in the first and last paragraphs.
  • You should make your keywords bold or underlined.
  • You should have a title of your article with H1 formatting (a.k.a Heading 1).
  • Your article should contact links to other pages within your website.
  • If possible, add tags with your keywords to your article.
  • Make sure your article adds some value to the reader.
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