Adviser Website Development Terms and Conditions

I/We understand and agree to the following.
  1. There is no initial setup cost for a standard Adviser Website based on the features displayed at
  2. Any additional customisations and changes will be at an additional cost.
  3. Additional customisations will need to be quoted and accepted by Me/Us before any such work is undertaken.
  4. I/We understand that BIG Plans does not charge any upfront costs but require a minimum subscription period of 6 Months to ensure that initial setup costs are recuperated.
  5. My/Our subscription will start immediately and if BIG Plans has started work on My/Our website then I will continue my subscription for a minimum period of 6 months, even if I/We have changed our mind and do not want to continue with my/our new Adviser Website.
  6. BIG Plans undertakes to complete your Adviser Website within 30 days of your acceptance of this agreement and receiving the personalised content we need to complete your new website.

I/We understand and agree to the following when requesting changes to my website.

  1. Open the page you want us to make changes to
  2. Select all the written content on the page
  3. With all the content selected, choose Copy
    1. You may need to right-click your mouse or pad and click Copy or;
    2. You may need to click Edit > Copy from your web browser
  4. Paste ALL the content into a new document such as Microsoft Word or Google Document
  5. Make the changes you want
    1. Do not make comments or add any formatting etc, just write what you want and change what you want, then we will copy and paste verbatim so whatever is on the document we will put on your website.
  6. Save the document with the same name as the page you wanted to be changed
  7. Send the page as an attachment to

You can view an article at our online knowledgebase and a video tutorial here